Sunday, January 5, 2020

Think before you throw

Eating food is our compulsion to live. We can’t skip meals beyond a point otherwise we die out of starvation. The food may be animal based or plant based (the new research at the time of writing this article is indicative a third variety of food which is synthetic compound developed in labs).
Whatever type of food we eat, normally It comes in packages. Its not only your pizza/burger or other favorite food items delivered in a packing box, but even natural items like banana or orange come with a natural packing which you peel out and throw. Inside any kitchen, the process of cooking food also produces waste items side by side the main activity - tea leaves, vegetable peels and so on.
What happens to the remaining part of food or the food waste?
The obvious answer is that it goes to the dustbin or the waste box from where it is picked up by someone or we dump in a bigger dump-yard of our local place. The average food waste produced per person is about half KG per day. For a country of 1.2 billion, it turns out to be 600000000000 kg per day or 219000000000000 KGs or 219000000000 Tons per year scattered all over.
For whatever reasons, we don’t have effective ‘waste handling system’ working in our country.
But many of you may say, “why should we bother about this? We have paid taxes to the government and it is the responsibility of the government body formed for this purpose in that area.
Is paying taxes is the end of your responsibility? Is there any bar if you take active participation in ‘nation building’ rather than leaving to the government? Is it not your nation, your city/village or residential/office complex?
Just paying taxes and leave everything to the government is outsourcing your business and paying the minimum cost of it. But you can’t just outsource and sleep over it. For a dynamic and evolving business, you have to engineer and develop innovative ways and means to conduct the business with the active participation of all stake holders. One you are the biggest stakeholder in this game -the waste producer.
One way of living life is to keep blaming the government and ‘others’ and also keep loading the chocked waste processing system daily.
The other approach is thinking about some ‘waste handling system’ with local resources for the local community and helping the government for the cause.
A respectable way out to this problem is recycling the food waste by composting.
With the advancements in technology, it is not difficult to find a ‘composting solution’ for your residential premises or office complex.
There are number of NGOs working in this direction.
Find one and initiate a solution for your area, if it is not already there. It will become a source of motivation for others.

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