Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Joy of giving

Through social programming of our minds, we are often trained to work on acquire (the objects of our desires), use and forget principle. A very important action of the healthy sequence ‘release’ is neglected most of the time. Due to this people carry tons of burden/baggage on their minds. Just a small action of release after the use of any resource may free up memory space of mind and declutter it to make our lives simpler.

It is not only in our minds alone. The attitudes are reflected in our inventory at house or workplace also. How often do you ever think of releasing some of your old clothes / books/ gadgets and other items, after a new purchase?
Why not give it a try? Just make a list of items which you have used and no longer needed by you now. Think of giving it to someone who can still use it and give his/her life a new meaning together.

Apart from reducing declutter and freeing up the space in the house/ workplace, it will give you the ‘joy of giving’, a very satisfying feeling beyond the words.

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