Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Separate at the source itself

If you look at the daily waste produced at a common household or workplace it has got few distinct categories of items-

ü There are Bio-degradable items like vegetables/fruits peeled waste, eatables, garden waste etc
ü Then there are items which are still usable (possible reuse by self or others used) which may be clothes ,books, utensils, toys, electronic items (working but have become useless due to availability of a better model/gadget) etc.
ü There is some Recyclable material like newspapers, magazines, books ,cardboard and other paper items, empty containers, metal items (iron, brass etc),plastic waste etc
ü Lastly there may be some Harmful material  for others / environment like battery, medicine, polythene, sharp objects, chemicals, paints, spray etc.

All these needs separate treatment –manure can be produced from bio degradable material, a used book or blanket can help in the career building or survival for a needy person, recyclable product can fetch some monetary value, harmful product requires special treatment to save the environment & lives.

But most of the time, the required treatment is not possible because all these type of items are mixed with each other in the dustbin/scrap yard.  You can’t use biodegradable items mixed with non bio degradable items for making manure. Even usable items mixed with other unusable garbage become unusable. Recyclable items also require segregation into specific category before these are treated for recycling.

With little bit of understanding and using a separate container or place can solve this problem. With this small task, the waste of our house / colony / city / country / world will be surprisingly reduced. The problems related to garbage and expenditure on its processing will also reduce drastically.

This will be our sincere contribution to the Swatch Bharat movement.

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