Thursday, March 31, 2016


It is a movement started to help people in better resource utilization and create an environment of better living conditions of the society. More than the organization of likeminded people, it is a thought process and way of living.

The idea is to find ways for best utilization of resources & share with others to make this universe more beautiful.

The definition of resources in our context is not limited to material resources but also includes the techniques, information, mental resources, energy etc.

In the hubble bubble of modern life, we put all our efforts for achieving what we don’t have. In this process we neglect to use and enjoy what we already have. Upyog is an effort of making everyone aware of what we already have and how it can be utilised in the best possible way.

According to William Shakespere ,the world is divided in two category of people- haves and don’t have.  Moreover, a  vast amount of resources are controlled by very few people here. Upyog helps you to identify the available resources and release those which are not of your use to the appropriate destination such that the balance and harmony is maintained in the environment.

The aim of Upyog is achieved by studying the methods of resource utilization; evolve better techniques and making people aware.

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